Custom Car Diffuser

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These beautiful glass diffusers are perfect to hang in your car or other small area to give you a wonderful boost of fragrance. Simply unscrew the reed top and pop out the stopper. Resecure the top and quickly flip the diffuser upside down then right side up (1-2 seconds) then hang on your rear view mirror and tie a knot so it doesn't slip and fall. Enjoy!

*Customized orders may take up to 7 days to fill

Ocean Air 🌊🌅 This scent is fresh and bright,with hints of lemon, marine air, and sea greens that will remind you of a beautiful coastal walk at sunset

Top notes: Lemon Zest, Sea Ozone, Greens            Middle notes: Lily, Jasmine, Marine WatersBase notes: Cedarwood, Coastal Musk, Dark Amber.                               

Grapefruit Mint is a beautiful blend of sweet exotic fruits that take over all your senses, and causes an instant smile on your face. If you love fresh and fruity then this is it 🥭🍈🍉🍋🍍

Top notes: Guava, Orange, Grapefruit                                        Middle notes: Peach, Strawberry, Violet, Pineapple        Base notes: Fresh Vanilla, Mint

Spring Rain is a powerful clean fresh fragrance. Perfect for everyone and  ☔🌈

top notes: bergamot, pineapple, green apple                middle notes: mandarin                                                      Base: musk, moss, marine




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