Celebrating Our Favorite Farmers Market Friends: A Tribute to Local Producers

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Farmer's markets are a wonderful place to connect with local farmers and artisans, to sample fresh produce and products, and to support small businesses. Today, we would like to share our favorite vendors from the farmer's market scene.

Our fav edible vendors:

The Jerk Store

Jerk Store Logo
What they do: jerky, seasoning, and dips

Are you ready to have your taste buds tantalized? Meet The Jerk Store, a woman-owned artisanal beef jerky business that's been satisfying meat cravings since 2021! From a variety of delectable seasonings to mouth-watering beef jerky, dips, and even smoked nuts, every product is made in small batches with love. Trust us, you won't be able to resist the deliciousness!

Cece’s Honey

CECE's Honey logo
What they do: Honey, coffee, hot sauce

Meet Cece's Honey Bees, a sweet and buzzing business run by a husband and wife duo from West Chicago, Illinois! They started the business from their own backyard, where they take care of their beloved bees and harvest the delicious honey they produce. Cece's Honey Bees is more than just a business for them, it's a passion for sustainability and the joy of sharing the sweet nectar with others. If you're looking for honey that is both delicious and locally sourced, Cece's Honey Bees is the perfect choice for you. Trust us, their honey is the bee's knees!


Endiro Coffee

Endiro Coffee logo

What they do: Coffee

Endiro Coffee is more than just a coffee company, they have a purpose to make a difference in the world. They partner with communities in Uganda to provide employment and support vulnerable people. Their passion for coffee is not just about the product, but also about the people and their stories. Endiro Coffee is dedicated to making a positive impact through their coffee, related products, profits, services, and spaces. By enjoying a cup of Endiro coffee, you too can be a part of their mission to make the world a better place


Elsewhere Baking

Elsewhere Baking logo

What they do: Baked goods

Kim is the master of baked treats, whipping up cakes, cookies, and more that are so delicious, they transport you to another world. Her baked goods are not only mouth-watering but also incredibly diverse, including gluten-free options that are just as scrumptious as the rest. When it comes to taste, Kim never disappoints, leaving you with a sweet smile on your face every time.


Pour Cocktails

Pour cocktails logo

What they do: cocktail infusion kits

At Pour Craft Cocktail Infusions, Karly creates the most delicious infusions you've ever tasted! She handcrafts each jar in the Chicago area, using only the freshest ingredients to make sure that each sip is a flavor explosion. You provide the liquor, she provides the flavor, resulting in a unique and satisfying journey for your taste buds with every sip. Whether you're a cocktail aficionado or just looking to try something new, Pour Craft Cocktail Infusions is the perfect choice for a delicious experience.



Coco Pets Logo

What they do: Treats for your pets

Nicole is a pet lover and wants to make sure that your furry friends get the best treats possible! She creates yummy and healthy treats that are made with all-natural ingredients, free from any preservatives. Your pets will love them, and you'll love how good they are for them. With Nicole's treats, you can give your pets a little something extra special to show them how much you care!


The Irie Cup

The Irie Cup

What they do: Delicious Tea

The Irie Cup is a family business that loves to share the joy of tea with others. They source high-quality, responsible teas to offer to their growing community of tea lovers. With every cup of tea, they aim to encourage wellness, mindfulness, and relaxation. Whether you're a tea lover or just looking for a moment of peace, the Irie Cup has you covered. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of tea.


Luv Butter

Luv butter logo

What they do: Vegan butter and more

At Luv Butter, they believe that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious butter without any compromises. That's why they've created the best tasting plant-based butter on the market. Whether you have dietary restrictions or not, this butter is sure to elevate the flavor of your dishes. It's so good, you won't even miss the traditional dairy butter! So go ahead and spread the love with this all-around tasty butter.


Korda Boards

Korda Boards logo

What they do: Charcuterie boards

Korda Board is all about making your occasions special and memorable! They create beautiful, edible works of art in the form of grazing boxes, boards and tables. No matter what the occasion, she is ready to craft a unique and delicious spread for you. And if you have any special requests, just let her know - customization is always welcome!


Wandering Barefoot

Wandering Barefoot image of a jar of jam

What they do: Jams, salsas, butters, and more

At this small and natural farm in Northern Illinois, they sell delicious preserves, salsas, butters and more! With a commitment to being organic and transparent, they never use any harmful pesticides, insecticides or antibiotics. They take great pride in growing their own food and love sharing their knowledge and educating the community about all things farming!



Our fav artisans and creators:

Activate Your Impact

Activate your impact logo

What they do: dermatologist formulated skin care 

Are you tired of worrying about what chemicals are in your skincare products? Well, have no fear because Activate Your Impact (AYI) is here! This brand is all about giving you the best and most trustworthy skincare experience. Their products are not only clean and clinical grade, but they're also cruelty-free. And, the cherry on top, they're formulated by dermatologists, so you can feel confident that they're both safe and effective for your skin. Isn't that great news?


Dirty Clay Co. 

Dirty Clay Co Logo

What they do: pottery

Megan, the talented potter behind Dirty Clay Co., is the proud owner of a woman-run small business based in Pingree Grove, IL. With an eye for beauty and functionality, Megan creates truly stunning pieces of pottery that are both practical and gorgeous. From custom designs to one-of-a-kind pieces, Dirty Clay Co. has something for everyone who appreciates the art of handmade pottery. We love supporting local businesses like Dirty Clay Co. and can't get enough of Megan's gorgeous creations.


Karen Hahn Designs

Karen Hahn logo

What they do: illustrations, prints, greeting cards

Karen's love for nature shines through in her stunning illustrations. Each piece is carefully crafted, capturing the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors. From elegant greeting cards to custom works, Karen's art is the perfect way to bring a touch of nature into your home. Whether you're looking for a unique piece of art or a thoughtful gift, Karen's creations are sure to delight and inspire.


    The Dutchman’s Woodshack

    What they do: glasswork, decor from wood

    This talented husband and wife duo are a creative force, bringing a touch of handmade beauty to your home with their unique wood decor, functional items, and stunning photography and glasswork. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your home or simply want to admire their breathtaking photography and glasswork, this duo has got you covered. With a passion for creating beautiful things and a deep love for nature and the outdoors, they put their hearts into every piece they make.


    Brainy Day Box

    Brainy Day Box logo

    What they do: Sensory boxes for kids

    They’ve created a line of educational sensory boxes, packed with STEM challenges and activities centered around a variety of kid-friendly themes. Each box is designed to provide hours of fun for kids of all ages. Get ready for some serious learning and playtime with sensory fun!


    Nature’s Handiwork

    Nature's Handiwork Logo

    What they do: Nature inspired Jewelry

    Tori Eisenberg is a jewelry designer who finds her inspiration in the beauty of nature. With a passion for creating unique and long-lasting pieces, she handcrafts each piece of resin jewelry in her home studio in Sheridan, Illinois. Her love for nature is reflected in her designs, making each piece of jewelry not just an accessory, but a little piece of art to be cherished. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or an everyday accessory, Tori's jewelry is sure to bring a touch of nature's beauty to your life.


    Wild Apothecary

    Wild Apothecary logo

    What they do: jewelry and home decor

    Wild Apothecary & Market is a unique and wonderful shop filled with handcrafted, up-cycled, and carefully selected jewelry and products. Each item is made with love and attention to detail, in small batches, just for you and your home. The women behind Wild A&M are passionate about promoting inclusivity in all aspects of their brand and lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a special piece of jewelry or just a fun item to decorate your home, Wild Apothecary & Market has something for everyone!


    Shop Frey

    Shop Frey Logo

    What they do: Jewelry and home goods

    Morgan is a talented artist who creates stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that are true works of art. Her dainty gold and sterling silver bracelets are simply gorgeous, and her handpoured natural beeswax candles add a touch of warmth and beauty to any room. With so many custom offerings to choose from, there's something for everyone in Morgan's collection. And with her passion for creating and her eye for beauty, every piece is sure to be a true masterpiece!


    We hope this post has introduced you to some of our favorite vendors from the farmer's market scene. By supporting local farmers and artisans, we are not only enjoying the freshest and tastiest food, but we are also investing in our local economy and preserving our food heritage.

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